Born: September 14, 1984
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 205
Bats: Left
Throws: Left
Drafted: 10th Round, 307th Overall, 2005 (Phillies)
How Acquired: Minor league free agent
College: Central Missouri State
Agent: Turner-Gary Sports


With good stuff for a lefty, Outman appeared to be headed for a solid major league career until injuries intervened.  When drafted by the Phillies he threw 90-94 mph, with the standard four pitches.  He hasn’t thrown a curve much as a pro and his slider is probably his best pitch.  He has deception in his delivery and has sometimes had very good K rates, but also has often had control problems.  Originally a starter in the minors, Outman pitched some in relief in the upper minors and has primarily been a reliever in parts of six major league seasons.  He’s had an extreme platoon split, holding left-handed hitters to a .537 line in the majors, while right-handed hitters have batted .851 against him.  He seemed to get established as a starter with Oakland in 2009, but Tommy John and then shoulder surgery intervened, and Outman hasn’t been able to get back on track.  His velocity, which had averaged 92-94 mph previous, took a hit in 2014 and dropped down to 90.  The Pirates signed him to a minor league contract from independent ball.

A-:  2-1-0, 2.76 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 29.1 IP, 4.3 BB/9, 9.5 K/9

Outman had a good debut pitching as a starter and reliever in short season ball.  He fanned over a batter an inning, but had control issues.

A:  14-6-0, 2.95 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, 155.1 IP, 4.3 BB/9, 9.3 K/9

The Phillies sent Outman to low A, where he pitched in the rotation for the season.  He had a good year, although still with some control issues.  Baseball America rated him the Phillies’ sixth best prospect after the season.

A+:  10-4-0, 2.45 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 117.1 IP, 4.1 BB/9, 9.0 K/9
AA:  2-3-0, 4.50 ERA, 1.45 WHIP, 42.0 IP, 4.9 BB/9, 7.3 K/9

Outman continued to pitch about the same in high A, well enough that BA rated him the Phillies’ fourth best prospect after the season.  He struggled a little, again often with his control, after a late-season promotion to AA.

AA (Phi):  5-4-1, 3.20 ERA, 1.49 WHIP, 70.1 IP, 4.7 BB/9, 8.4 K/9
AA (Oak):  1-0-0, 4.26 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 12.2 IP, 2.1 BB/9, 3.6 K/9
AAA (Oak):  1-0-0, 1.76 ERA, 0.91 WHIP, 15.1 IP, 2.9 BB/9, 8.8 K/9
MLB (Oak):  1-2-0, 4.56 ERA, 1.64 WHIP, 25.2 IP, 2.8 BB/9, 6.7 K/9

The Phillies sent Outman back to AA, where he got good results but continued to have control problems.  The Phillies sent him to Oakland in a deadline deal for Joe Blanton.  Oakland called him up for September and he held his own in the majors.

MLB:  4-1-0, 3.48 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, 67.1 IP, 3.3 BB/9, 7.1 K/9

Outman got off to a good start while pitching in the Oakland rotation.  In late July, though, he went out with a strained left elbow.  Outman eventually had Tommy John surgery and missed all of 2010 as well.


Outman remained out for the entire year.

AAA:  8-3-0-0, 3.91 ERA, 1.58 WHIP, 78.1 IP, 5.4 BB/9, 8.3 K/9
MLB:  3-5-0, 3.70 ERA, 1.46 WHIP, 58.1 IP, 3.5 BB/9, 5.4 K/9

Outman returned to action and had an up-and-down year, split between AAA and the majors.  He pitched as a starter in AAA and a swing man in the majors.  After the season, Oakland traded him to Colorado.

A+:  0-0-0, 0.00 ERA, 0.00 WHIP, 1.0 IP, 0.0 BB/9, 9.0 K/9
AA:  2-5-0, 3.63 ERA, 1.36 WHIP, 69.1 IP, 3.9 BB/9, 9.2 K/9
AAA:  0-0-0, 4.50 ERA, 0.50 WHIP, 2.0 IP, 0.0 BB/9, 4.5 K/9
MLB:  1-3-0, 8.19 ERA, 1.65 WHIP, 40.2 IP, 4.4 BB/9, 8.9 K/9

Outman missed about the first six weeks with an oblique strain.  The Rockies started off using him in the bullpen, but moved him to the rotation at the beginning of June.  After pitching well as a reliever, Outman got bombed in the rotation, giving up a .949 OPS as a starter.  He ended up back in AA for nearly half the season.

AAA:  1-0-0, 0.84 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 10.2 IP, 3.4 BB/9, 11.8 K/9
MLB:  3-0-0, 4.33 ERA, 1.46 WHIP, 54.0 IP, 3.8 BB/9, 8.8 K/9

The Rockies kept Outman in the bullpen, much of the time as a lefty specialist.  He pitched just decently.  After the season, the Rockies traded him to Cleveland for Drew Stubbs.

AAA (Cleve):  3-1-0, 4.43 ERA, 1.30 WHIP, 22.1 IP, 3.2 BB/9, 8.1 K/9
MLB (Cleve):  4-0-0, 3.28 ERA, 1.54 WHIP, 24.2 IP, 5.8 BB/9, 8.8 K/9
MLB (NYY):  0-0-0, 0.00 ERA, 0.55 WHIP, 3.2 IP, 0.0 BB/9, 4.9 K/9

The Indians used Outman strictly as a reliever and he had trouble throwing strikes.  In mid-June, Colorado outrighted him to AAA.  The Yankees eventually acquired him and he finished the season in their  bullpen.

R:  0-0-0, 0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 2.0 IP, 0.0 BB/9, 13.5 K/9
A:  0-0-0, 0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 2.0 IP, 9.0 BB/9, 0.0 K/9
A+:  0-0-0, 0.00 ERA, 1.50 WHIP, 2.2 IP, 6.8 BB/9, 13.5 K/9
AA:  0-1-0, 4.50 ERA, 1.50 WHIP, 2.0 IP, 4.5 BB/9, 13.5 K/9

The Braves surprisingly signed Outman to a major league contract for 2015.  As it turned out, though, he missed the entire season, aside from rehab appearances, following left shoulder surgery.

IND:  3-3-0, 4.66 ERA, 1.27 WHIP, 85.0 IP, 2.4 BB/9, 5.8 K/9

Outman signed with the New Britain Bees of the independent Atlantic League.  He pitched just respectaby as a starter, with a low K rate.  The Pirates needed pitching depth in the upper minors, with their upper level prospects getting turns in Pittsburgh.

Outman will likely just provide pitching depth for Indianapolis.

2016: Minor league contract
2009: $400,000
Signing Bonus: $52,500
MiLB Debut: 2005
MLB Debut: 9/2/2008
MILB FA Eligible: 2016
MLB FA Eligible: 2017
Rule 5 Eligible: Eligible
Added to 40-Man: 9/2/2008
Options Remaining: 0 (USED:  2011, 2012, 2013)
MLB Service Time: 4.155
June 7, 2005: Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 10th round, 307th overall pick; signed on June 10.
July 17, 2008: Traded by the Philadelphia Phillies with Adrian Cardenas and Matt Spencer to the Oakland Athletics for Joe Blanton.
September 2, 2008: Contract purchased by the Oakland Athletics.
January 16, 2012: Traded by the Oakland Athletics with Guillermo Moscoso to the Colorado Rockies for Seth Smith.
December 18, 2013: Traded by the Colorado Rockies to the Cleveland Indians for Drew Stubbs.
June 18, 2014: Designated for assignment by the Cleveland Indians; outrighted to AAA on June 25.
August 28, 2014: Traded by the Cleveland Indians to the New York Yankees for future considerations.
August 29, 2014: Called up by the New York Yankees.
September 22, 2014: Designated for assignment by the New York Yankees; outrighted to AAA on September 28; refused assignment and became a free agent on September 30.
January 7, 2015: Signed as a free agent by the Atlanta Braves.
August 4, 2015: Released by the Atlanta Braves.
July 8, 2016: Signed as a minor league free agent by the Pittsburgh Pirates.