First Pitch: Day Seventy – Pirates Prospects Updates

This week at Pirates Prospects, we’re launching a new feature: Daily articles.

That’s not really a new feature. That was the lifeblood of the site for its entire existence. I have been determined for years to give you something to read each day, up until the point when I had to tear everything down and build up again for my future.

That rebuild has already led to the weekly article format every Tuesday, which I feel keeps getting better and better. The plan all along was to expand back to daily content, with weekly features, and now that the weekly stuff is going well, we’re introducing the daily content again.

The first daily article will be P2Daily, which will feature a small update from one of our writers, a spotlight on one of the weekly features, and eventually the daily minor league notes that used to show up in the old Morning Report. When the season returns, this daily feature will be joined by the Prospect Watch.

In 2020, I shut P2 down for a year, moving it over to this site temporarily while I decided on the next direction. Last year, I brought it back, easing back into covering this system, while learning what has changed with the new guys.

The goal in 2022 is to get P2 back to where it was before our rebuild started. That includes coverage from all over the farm system, looks at the system you can’t get anywhere else, and anticipation every day — especially on Tuesday — for the latest updates.

Thank you to everyone for the support over the years, and for supporting us in this new approach!

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