First Pitch: Day Sixty Nine – Nice Week on Pirates Prospects

This Week on Pirates Prospects is probably my favorite week in the now six weeks that we’ve been doing the weekly format.

I’ll let you check out the links to the latest articles below.

This week, we’re also launching a new feature: P2Daily.

It’s exactly as it sounds: A daily feature on Pirates Prospects, with a quick update from one of our writers, a highlight of one of the weekly articles, and other content such as the daily minor league schedule when the season returns.

When the minor league season eventually returns, this will be paired with the Prospect Watch for our daily coverage.

I’m also going to be working tomorrow to find a better way to display the newest updates on the site, so you don’t miss anything that shows up in the archives below the “This Week” section.

Enjoy the articles this week!

Daily Links


What Is Different About This Top Rated Pirates Farm System?

The Pirates Build: The Amateur Scouting Department

Demographics of the Pirates’ Prospects Over the Years — Positions

Williams: Walking and Chewing Gum

Carter Bins Has a Whole New Swing/Approach

Colin Selby Continues to Show Improvements After Recovering from Tommy John Surgery

Patience At The Plate Unlocks the Rest Of Sammy Siani’s Skillset

**Fangraphs Releases Record Predictions for Pirates, Rest of MLB

**MLB Lockout: The Floor and Ceiling Farce

**This Date in Pittsburgh Pirates History: February 8th, Cookie and Pie

**Card of the Day: 1973 Topps Gene Clines

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First Pitch: Day Sixty Two – This Month on Pirates Prospects

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