Major League Baseball and Apple Are Discussing Broadcasting Rights

Major League Baseball understands the assignment.

Say what you will about the dysfunction of the Major League Baseball owners in running a league that is competitive and entertaining for all thirty teams… what you can’t say is that they don’t know how to monetize the hell out of their product.

In the Great Streaming Wars — which I imagine will be portrayed one day in Anchorman 3: The Legend Concludes — content is king. Every provider wants your dollars. Every one of them.













And of course, Apple TV, which has been a major player in the Streaming Wars with original content like Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. Trendy original content is the thing that keeps people on your service. Except, every single streaming service has trendy original content available. What gets people in the door is existing, recognizable content. The hope that perhaps they can cut the cord on cable and still spend half the price on monthly fees for three custom streaming networks. And honestly, you’re not going to watch more than that. With the three streaming networks on rotation throughout the year. Obviously.

Major League Baseball is selling into these Streaming Wars by discussing broadcasting rights with Apple. The original report from The Post says that MLB has been shopping around the package of games that were previously with ESPN. Those games are on Monday and Wednesday.

With more competitors, MLB raised their prices on their games, leading to ESPN dropping some of their coverage for another network to pick up.

It’s unclear what MLB could get from Apple. ESPN didn’t have exclusive access to their games, meaning the regional sports networks weren’t blacked out. MLB could get a higher price by selling exclusive games, which would be annoying, and thus sounds like something MLB absolutely will do.

They understand the assignment.

The owners continue monetizing this game by staying ahead of the ever evolving media landscape.