First Pitch: Day Thirty Three – The Road Ahead

Tomorrow begins a new format for Pirates Prospects. If you missed the announcement last week, Pirates Prospects will now be moving to weekly article drops every Tuesday.

The first drop of articles will take place tomorrow, with features from John Dreker, Wilbur Miller, Cody Potanko, Anthony Murphy, and a few features from yours truly.

I’m excited by this new approach. This is something I’ve been putting thought into for a long time. I’m not sure if any other site has tried this approach of releasing all of their articles on the same day each week. I feel like my whole time on this site has been filled with “I don’t know if anyone else does it this way, but…” and then trying things that way. Perhaps that’s why this site has worked for so long.

We will still have daily articles, both here on PBN and the daily updates at Pirates Prospects. But now, every Tuesday is Pirates Prospects Day.

We’ll see you at midnight with the new features!

Daily Links

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PBN Updates

First Pitch: Day Twenty Eight – Pirates Prospects

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This Week on First Pitch

MONDAY: The Road Ahead

TUESDAY: Streaming Day – While you’re binging on Pirates Prospects, I’ll have an article on my favorite show to binge.

WEDNESDAY: Site Updates

THURSDAY: Marvel/Comics – This week I’ll be writing about Hawkeye

FRIDAY: Baseball Memories – Because that’s all we have right now.

SATURDAY: Music – I’ll take a deeper look at Julien Baker’s “Little Oblivions” album, plus my album and songs of the week.

SUNDAY: Pursuit

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