First Pitch: Day Thirty – Weekly Baseball Debate

This week’s First Pitch started with a story about John Van Benschoten, and branched into a discussion about developing two-way players.

My thought on that subject is that most teams avoid developing two-way players for a few reasons. Chief among those reasons is to have a focused development path in one area. The theory would be that the more time spent on pitching would take away from time spent hitting and fielding, and vice-versa.

There’s also the fact that just because a player is good on both sides of the ball doesn’t mean he will make an impact on both sides of the ball. We all want Shohei Ohtani. The two-way player idea sounds less appealing if you’ve got a star hitter who is also as good as a middle reliever. Do you really want your star right fielder pitching in games when he’s replacement level at the position? It might work different with an impact pitcher learning how to hit and serving as the designated hitter. However, that’s a big assumption that the pitcher would also be able to hit well enough to be the best option for that spot.

It’s hard enough to make it in baseball taking just one path. Making it on both sides of the ball is so difficult that it explains why Ohani is such an amazing story.

All of this discussion is about the end result. To be honest, we don’t really know much about how that end result is achieved. No one has cracked the code to how a high school baseball player can turn into an MLB star. It just happens, and most of the game is spent trying to replicate the cases where it did happen.

With that said, I wanted to pose a debate question today: Do you think there can be value in developing someone as a two-way player, even when you know the odds are extremely low that they won’t make it in both roles, or either one individually? If so, what value do you see?

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