First Pitch: Day Twenty Three

One year ago today, the Pittsburgh Pirates traded Josh Bell, receiving Wil Crowe and Eddy Yean.

The move would be the first of three moves in the span of a month, which really kicked off the Pirates’ tear-down process of their rebuild. A month after the Bell trade, the Pirates dealt Joe Musgrove and Jameson Taillon.

So far, the Musgrove and Taillon deals have looked better than the Bell trade. I wouldn’t grade any of the moves individually, instead viewing them as part of an overall plan.

That plan has come more into focus in the last year, though we’re still left with a lot of questions about the rebuild and where it goes from here.

I’ll have an article today on No Quarter, giving my thoughts on where the Pirates are heading as part of my “negative-WAR” series this week.

Until then, check below for a First Pitch debate topic on the Pirates’ rebuild.

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On today’s one-year anniversary of the Josh Bell trade, I offer the debate topic for the comments: How do you feel about the Pirates’ rebuilding plans?


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