First Pitch: Day Twenty Two

Today I’ll be wrapping up part two of my recent “Giving away wins” series. If you missed the first part, and want to revisit some of the fun times from the 2007-2015 seasons, check out the link below.

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First Pitch: PRE-SALE for The 2022 Guide and The 1890 Pittsburgh Alleghenys Books

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First Pitch Topic of the Day

On Thursdays, I will be discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with any comic book related topics. There’s a catch to this: I don’t want to spoil anything.

Therefore, I’m adding a two-week delay to any MCU writeups. That means I won’t discuss Spider-Man: No Way Home until next week, with the full season of Hawkeye coming a week later.

Today, I’ll just mention that the recent five-issue Kang the Conqueror series that Marvel put out is fantastic. Kang has yet to have a story of his own, outside of his story in other comic books. This new story paid homage to those origins, while also adding a new twist to the Ravonna paradox that plagues Kang. Ultimately, the theme throughout the book is that the only thing which can stop Kang is love.

Without pursuing love, Kang can go on and conquer the timestream, essentially being immortal. Once he pursues love, his ability to rule the timestream fades, as he opts to leave that conquest behind to win over the different variations of Ravonna that exist through time. Each time, he is unsuccessful for various reasons, which ultimately boil down to the fact that Ravonna doesn’t really like who Kang really is. Any attraction typically has Kang jumping through hoops, only to end up alone, exiled to another part of the time stream where he hopes to find a version of Ravonna that loves him.

Kang the Conqueror #5 came out yesterday, and was a fantastic end to the series. I’d expect more Kang after this. He’s expected to be the next big bad in the MCU, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the next big bad in the comics in 2022, starting with next week’s release of Timeless #1.

For those of you who don’t read the comics, but are interested in his tie-in to the recent Loki series, I’ll break that down in a few weeks, after going through Spider-Man and Hawkeye.


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