First Pitch: Day Twenty One

Today at No Quarter I’ll have the second part of the negative-WAR feature that I wrote up on Monday. We’ll have winter league updates over at Pirates Prospects, along with any other news that comes up.

Check below for the weekly site updates, including an update on Pirates Prospects.

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Off-Topic Theme of the Day

In the past, everything we used to do was located on Pirates Prospects. It got to the point where the name of the site wasn’t a representation of the content on the site. It became easy for articles about the prospects to get buried with everything else we covered.

Now that Pittsburgh Baseball Network is running, Pirates Prospects has been able to return as simply a prospect site.

The next phase of Pirates Prospects will increase the amount of prospect coverage we have, while also changing the way we deliver that content to you. I’ll have more on the content delivery next week.

For now, I want to welcome Cody Potanko and Anthony Murphy to the Pirates Prospects ranks. Cody and Anthony will be joining as contributors, adding video features and helping to make sure we have the most comprehensive coverage of the farm system. Both have done a great job of procuring video and adding analysis to what you’re seeing, and I can’t wait to see them get started.

For now, you can check them both out on the Pittsburgh Baseball Now podcast.

I’ll have more on the Pirates Prospects changes next week.



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