First Pitch: Day Sixteen

Today, I’ll be running my ZiPS analysis, looking at the projected win total for the 2022 Pittsburgh Pirates.

I’d expect this to change drastically by the time the 2022 season is played — whenever that may be. Aside from the Pirates adding more players by that point, there may also be new rules. It will be interesting to see how the projections look now compared to then.

John Dreker will also have a breakdown of a new mock draft this morning.


First Pitch has been an open discussion post thus far during the lockout, with my occasional lockout thoughts, and a few off-topic discussion points. The current schedule goes as follows:

Monday – Baseball Memories

Tuesday – Streaming

Wednesday – Site Updates

Thursday – Comics/MCU

Friday – (Today)

Saturday – Music

Sunday – Books/Poetry

I’m looking for topic ideas for Friday. I figure the best approach is to leave that up to you guys in the comments. Fire away with your discussion topic ideas.

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