First Pitch: Day Eight

I have to force myself to not work.

As I wrote last night, Wednesday has been my official day off for at least a few months now.

I do the minimal check-in on the site when I wake up in the morning, then aim to relax, get outside of my office/house and into the world, and grab some new comic books to draw my mind off everything else.

By the end of every Wednesday, I’ve done more work than I would on a normal day.

Most of it is inside my head, of course. The idea I had today will be a real thing in about three weeks, on this very site. The article I thought of writing will go up by the end of the week. The homepage design that I drew might be finished on the main PBN page by the end of today.

This was all on a day when I was trying not to work.

It’s like when you lose something, and it doesn’t show up until you stop searching. I used to glorify working 80-hour weeks, working everyday, and having a life outside of this fun job only when my body was failing.

Some of those hours of work are spent researching for articles. In order to cut back to a healthier schedule, I had to reduce what I was writing about. I used to write about literally everything. Like my voice was needed to weigh in on every subject. That’s ridiculous. There are some things that are my strength. There are some things that aren’t. The catch-22 is that I wouldn’t know the strengths and weaknesses until after writing about everything, so I definitely recommend writing about it all for younger writers.

As for me, I’ve been doing this long enough to know my strong areas. I’d rather you read from people who are more researched on the topics that are weaker areas.

That’s why Ethan Hullihen’s lockout features have been the featured lockout coverage on this site. There’s no way that I could keep up with the amount of research that Ethan does on this subject, and I definitely couldn’t present it all in the way he has done so far in parts one and two of his recent series. (Part three is today!)

I could decide to not take a day off. All of the time I spent reading comic books today would have been time I could use to read about the lockout. Then, I could write my own interpretation of what’s happening. It still probably wouldn’t be as good as Ethan’s article.

The alternative is taking a day off. Enjoying it, and getting back to everything that would still be there even if I didn’t take the day off. Getting my mind off work for at least one day of the week. Letting someone else take the platform and show off their knowledge of a subject.

So while Ethan’s feature was running today, I was taking the break I needed to get my mind in a state to prepare the next version of Pirates Prospects, which you’ll see in a few weeks.

Until then, check out Ethan’s lockout coverage, including the third part this morning.

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