First Pitch: Day Five

This is a perfect time to assess the Pirates rebuild.

The MLB lockout prevents any transactions, and prevents teams from talking with players. The Pirates went into the lockout by trading Jacob Stallings, along with making a few low-key free agent signings. General Manager Ben Cherington has said the team will look at adding another starter, which was the discussion topic yesterday.

With the Pirates’ rebuild on pause, we’ll look at how things are going this week.

Wilbur Miller will have an article tomorrow, looking at what the team might do next. I’ll have a column by mid-week assessing the overall rebuild from the start. We’ll also have any lockout updates posted to the site, with my thoughts each evening in First Pitch.

If you missed it from earlier this week, I wrapped up my season recap and farm system rundown. You can check out the links to each positional article in my update earlier this week.

How confident are you in the current Pirates rebuild? Do you think they’re on the way to being a contender? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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