First Pitch: Social Media Changes

Yesterday I made some changes to the site’s Twitter accounts.

If you want to follow Pittsburgh Baseball Network, the account is still at @PGHBaseballNet.

Pirates Prospects has a new account that is exclusive to prospect tweets. That is at the familiar @pirateprospects account.

This account was previously my personal account. Prior to that, it was the @pirateprospects account. Prior to that, it was my personal account. So, we’ve come back full circle again.

My new personal account is @TimWilliamsPGH.

Most of my baseball work is going to be found on the two baseball accounts. The prospect coverage will be found on @pirateprospects while the Pirates coverage will be on @PGHBaseballNet. You’ll see work from other writers on each account.

My personal account will feature more than just baseball. I’ll use that as a place to talk the MCU, music, comic books, poems, and any other thoughts I have that I feel the need to tweet.

Personally, I hate social media. It’s mostly a source for misplaced anger and insecurities, which clash together to create petty arguments. You won’t find that from me anymore on any account. Instead, you’ll find something closer to what you’d get in real life, which is pretty much the opposite of the norm on social media.

Follow all of the accounts you want to follow in the links above.


Yesterday was a site maintenance day. Today is a writing day. Look for a feature on the first base position on both No Quarter and Pirates Prospects later today as I work to finalize those articles.

This week I’ll also be covering the left field position, I’ll have a column on Wednesday, and we’ll have full coverage and analysis of the Rule 5 protections on Friday.

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