Daily Pirates Discussion: October 1, 2021; Spitzbarth Returns

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Just three days left in the season for the Pirates and Indianapolis. Two days for the DSL Pirates affiliates.

One of the interesting things to watch in the next three days is whether or not Hoy Park will still be considered a rookie going into next year. He’s good on the service days, but he has 124 at-bats right now. If he has seven more at-bats over three games, he loses the rookie eligibility. He’s not really a potential Rookie of the Year candidate next year, so it’s more about wondering if he will make our upcoming prospect guide. Teams have stopped players right before crossing that limit, but that’s usually for bigger prospects. We saw it with Josh Bell when he sat on the bench on the last day of the 2016 season with 128 at-bats. I’m just interested in how it will play out with Park. Truth be told, I’m more interested in seeing Max Kranick pitch tomorrow, but I feel extremely confident that he won’t pitch 15.2 innings tomorrow, so he won’t be losing that Rookie of the Year/prospect status.




Opponent: Reds (82-77)

Time: 6:35 PM EST

Pirates Starter: Wil Crowe (5.77 ERA, 1.63 WHIP, 110.2 IP)

Opposing Starter: Luis Castillo (4.05 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 182.1 IP)


Time: 7:05 PM EST

Starter: TBD

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Prior to Friday night’s game, Shea Spitzbarth was added to the roster. Miguel Yajure, who started yesterday, was optioned back to Indianapolis. Spitzbarth has pitched four innings for the Pirates over four appearances, allowing two runs.