First Pitch: Quinn Priester Strikes Out the Side on Nine Pitches

Quinn Priester was on tonight…

Check out the full recap of Priester’s outing in the Prospect Watch. Site Updates on the PBN Shop are below.

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PBN Updates

I spent the day getting orders shipped out from the PBN Shop. There were a few beer glass/shirt combos that hadn’t been sent out, and all of the orders placed over the last few months are now completed.

I’ve spent the last few months moving down to Florida after rent prices universally shot up in Raleigh, post-pandemic. I was able to get settled in before the draft. I was able to get my office fully set up right before the trade deadline. Literally, Adam Frazier was traded a few hours after I set up my desk and monitors.

I sent out 52 packages today. Those packages included a few orders that got lost in the fold. Either PayPal didn’t return verification of your payment (marking it Cancelled on our end), or you ordered a bundle and your order accidentally got marked as Processed when your Prospect Guide went out. In order to find that, I had to go through each order manually today, making sure everything had shipped out.

I’ll be spending the weekend working on the PBN Shop to iron out some issues. It will return on Monday, with our remaining inventory of the 10th Anniversary Prospect Guide, and all remaining shirts and beer glasses. If I’m being honest, I haven’t even had a beer out of my own Pirates Prospects beer glass. That’s how crazy my life has been these last few months.

Fortunately, things are getting back on track, and rolling with the site. The guys over at Pittsburgh Baseball Now are doing great work. I’ve plotted out some live coverage of the system down the stretch for articles over at Pirates Prospects. My plan is to cover every affiliate in the system, starting next week with the Bradenton teams.

I’ll have more on that coverage in tomorrow’s update.

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