Pirates Draft Signing Thread; Pirates Sign Owen Kellington

The draft signing deadline is Sunday.  Ben Cherington said on Friday that he was optimistic that the Pirates were “optimistic on a couple more guys to get something done before Sunday.”  They already signed 18th round pick A.J. Graham on Friday, but it sounds like there might be at least one more sign on Saturday.

Just a quick review — The Pirates have signed 18 of their 21 picks.  The three remaining unsigned:

Rd 4.  Owen Kellington, RHP, Prep.  The second-highest drafted player in Vermont history, Kellington has always seemed likely to sign.  Whether he signs below the slot value of $571,400 may impact whether the Pirates can sign Daniel Corona.

Rd 12. Chazz Martinez, LHP, JuCo.  Martinez wasn’t a draftee of any particular note, so it’s hard to see him getting much, if any, above the slot value of $125,000.

Rd 16. Daniel Corona, SS, Prep.  Ranked 269th among Baseball America’s top 500 draft prospects, Corona has a Wake Forest commitment that no doubt means he’ll require above-slot money to sign.

UPDATE:  From Jim Callis —

A projectable prep right-hander who has a low-90s fastball and promising curveball, Kellington performed well at the inaugural MLB Draft Combine in June. The Connecticut recruit’s No. 102 slot is valued at $571,400 and the Pirates can pay him up to $600,000 while staying at or under the 5 percent threshold. He’s expected to sign for that maximum amount.

I guess we shouldn’t get greedy.  Assuming this is where it ends, it’s an impressive haul.  It’s also been an unusually fun draft to follow.  Of course, as we all know, the hard part lies ahead.

UPDATE: AJ Graham got $125,000 to sign.

UPDATE: Fourth round pick Owen Kellington has signed, receiving $600,000

Here is his player page.

Draft Chart is updated