Pirates Announce Henry Davis Signing (UPDATED II)

Yesterday we had a post about updating the draft signing tracker with all of the known bonuses. It was also announced that the Pirates signed fifth round pick Jackson Glenn. Today the Pirates started off their morning by announcing that the first overall pick, catcher Henry Davis out of Louisville, is officially signed. He’s going to meet with the media soon. The draft tracker has been updated. If we get bonus info for Davis today (we should) or the other remaining unknown bonuses, we will update them here.

Here are some photos from the Pirates:

The tracker has been updated

UPDATE: Carlos Collazo from Baseball America has the bonus number for Jackson Glenn. He received $12,500 as a senior sign, which is $409,800 under slot. So far the Pirates have saved on all six bonuses announced. We are just waiting on the numbers for eighth round pick Sean Sullivan. The Pirates have signed seven of their 21 picks so far.

Back to Carlos Collazo, who has the final missing bonus for Sean Sullivan. He received $175,000, slightly under slot.