Updates on the Pirates Draft Bonus Pool; Fifth Round Pick Jackson Glenn Signs

Jim Callis from MLB Pipeline announced the third bonus number for Pittsburgh Pirates draft picks on Saturday morning. The Pirates signed their sixth through tenth round picks last night. We got the bonus of tenth round pick Justin Meis from Callis and the bonus of sixth round pick Mike Jarvis from Jonathan Mayo. This morning we have the bonus for ninth round pick Luke Brown. He received $72,500 to sign, which is $89,500 under his slot value. Both Meis and Jarvis were also under value as well.

Our draft signing tracker has been updated (bookmark that link!) and it shows that the Pirates have an extra $1,139,100 to spend on over-slot picks before they would cross the 5% overage mark that would end up costing them draft picks (they won’t cross that mark, no one ever has). Expect more bonuses today, as well as possible signings. I’ll update anything here unless it’s bigger news, such as Henry Davis signing, which would get its own post.

UPDATE: The Pirates announced that fifth round pick Jackson Glenn has signed. He has been assigned to the Florida Complex League. Here’s his player page.