Latest Mock Draft from Baseball America

Baseball America posted their latest mock draft on Friday afternoon and they are sticking with the Pittsburgh Pirates going for prep shortstop Marcelo Mayer with the first overall pick in Sunday’s draft. He is followed in the draft (in order) by Jordan Lawlar, Jackson Jobe, Jack Leiter, Khalil Watson, Henry Davis and Kumar Rocker. Everyone in that group except Jobe has at least received passing mention as a possibility for the Pirates pick, though Mayer has been the overwhelming choice for the Pirates in mock drafts since late May.

Yesterday we posted two drafts from the morning, with both Keith Law and Kiley McDaniel choosing Mayer.

The draft takes place on Sunday night and the Pirates have just one pick on the first day, followed by ten picks on day two and another ten picks on day three on Tuesday. We will have coverage of all 21 picks as they happen. There should be a lot of mock drafts between now and Sunday night, so we will post a running mock draft thread early tomorrow morning and update it throughout the day. Anything that comes out later today will be in the morning article when it’s first posted and then I’ll change the title anytime something new is added. If some breaking draft news happens today, then I’ll post another draft article today, otherwise expect the next update tomorrow morning.