Latest Mock Draft from Baseball America has Pirates Going for Mayer

There’s a consensus among the mock draft experts that the Pittsburgh Pirates will pick prep shortstop Marcelo Mayer with the first overall pick on July 11th when the 2021 amateur draft begins. At least that’s what the mock drafts would lead you to believe. We posted an article with three of the latest mock drafts mentioned and all of them had Mayer, who was already getting a large majority of the mentions for the Pirates before this latest influx of mock drafts. Baseball America attempted their fifth mock draft on Friday morning and once again, Marcelo Mayer is the choice for the Pirates.

Before we all go out and get Mayer jerseys with 2021 on the back, BA notes the same thing everyone else says and I said in yesterday’s article. There is no guarantee that the Pirates take Mayer with the pick, as he has not separated himself from the pack. No one has done that, which still leaves 4-5 possibilities for the Pirates, and it might come down to whoever will take the lowest bonus, which would allow the Pirates to spread out the rest of the draft bonus pool money to other picks.

Mayer is a strong pick at this spot (at least in this class), so if he ends up as the pick then the Pirates did well. I just wouldn’t assume it’s him until we hear something more definitive, which might just be his name being read on draft day.

I don’t know if this video is new material, but it’s a new one from Prospect Pipeline, who already had a Mayer video up from this year. If not, it’s still a good refresher