New Mock Draft from Fangraphs

Fangraphs released a mock draft on Monday morning with about a month to go before the actual 2021 amateur draft starts. They had Eric Longenhagen and Kevin Goldstein give their opinions on who the Pittsburgh Pirates might take with the first overall pick. Neither was certain how the Pirates would go, which seems to be the consensus opinion that there is no consensus first overall pick yet. They went with prep shortstop Marcelo Mayer, who has been connected to the Pirates numerous times recently. They also mention prep shortstop Jordan Lawlar and Louisville catcher Henry Davis. Even though we aren’t hearing anything definitive, the group of names connected to them really isn’t changing.

Fangraphs went with Lawlar for the second pick and another prep shortstop, Brady House, with the third pick. House has never been connected to the Pirates, but he has been a top 5-6 pick by everyone this year. That shows you what a great year it is for high school shortstops, even if there is no once-in-a-decade type talent in this group.

Vanderbilt’s Jack Leiter went fourth in this mock, followed by Davis and then Khalil Watson, another prep shortstop. Kumar Rocker, who was considered to be the top prospect in this draft coming into the season, is down in the seventh spot.