Some Major Movement at the Top in the Latest Mock Draft

I won’t hold you in suspense here after that title, MLB Pipeline has the Pittsburgh Pirates taking prep shortstop Marcelo Mayer with the first overall pick in their latest mock draft. That’s not the news part here. However, there is a real shakeup in the top of this class and we are still a month away from the actual draft.

Mayer has been going to Pirates in a lot of recent drafts. Jim Callis says that they could be down to four position players for this top spot and they might go with whoever gives them the best deal, which would allow them to spend the draft bonus pool money elsewhere for overslot picks. Apparently 2021 is the wrong year to pick first overall because there’s little separation for the top talent, but having that top pick gives the Pirates a bigger bonus pool to spend, which could end up helping them out with many of the later picks.

Besides Mayer, Pipeline is hearing that prep shortstops Jordan Lawlar and Kahlil Watson, and Louisville catcher Henry Davis are the other three possibilities. We have had video and reports on Lawlar and Davis, as their names have popped up already. Watson hasn’t been mentioned here yet because he hasn’t broken into the top six spots before now. In fact, he didn’t break in here either, going eighth overall in the latest mock, but he’s now connected to the Pirates, so here are some videos to help you get to know him.