Top Ten Hitters and Pitchers for Week Five of the Minor League Season

With the minor league season having Mondays off every day this year, we get to do weekly recaps based on the action from Tuesday to Sunday each week. Below you’ll find a list of the top hitters and pitchers for the Pittsburgh Pirates over the last week. The batters are sorted by OPS and they each had at least 15 plate appearances last week. The pitchers are sorted by ERA and they pitched at least four innings.

Top Hitters

  1. Matt Frazier, Greensboro – He hit for a .500/.600/1.000 slash line in 30 plate appearances, with a double, triple, three homers, six walks and one strikeout. He has a .947 OPS this year.
  2. Ji-Hwan Bae, Altoona – Bae had a .524/.565/.762 slash line in 23 PA’s, with three doubles and a triple. He batted .200 in May.
  3. Rodolfo Castro, Altoona – Castro put up a .348/.429/.739 slash in 28 PA’s, with three doubles, two homers and four walks.
  4. Grant Koch, Greensboro – Koch hit .368/.381/.737 in 21 PA’s last week. He had two homers and drove in nine runs.
  5. Ernny Ordonez, Bradenton – Ordonez got a late start to the season, but he’s making up for that with a .353/.455/.588 slash line in 22 PA’s last week.
  6. Oneil Cruz, Altoona – Cruz hit .375/.375/.542 in 24 PA’s, with a double, homer and four steals. He has an .862 OPS this season.
  7. TJ Rivera, Indianapolis – The top Triple-A hitter last week, Rivera hit .278/.381/.500 in 21 PA’s.
  8. Aaron Shackelford, Greensboro – Shackelford continued to put up power numbers, hitting two more homers to give him nine this year. He’s hitting just .224 and his stat line didn’t help that this week, though six walks was nice. He hit .182/.379/.500 in 29 PA’s.
  9. Fabricio Macias, Greensboro – You hit two grand slams in one game and you’re bound to end up here, but Macias actually missed out in last week’s article because it was a big week for the system. He had a three-hit game this past week, leading him to a .400/.455/.400 slash line in 22 PA’s.
  10. Endy Rodriguez, Bradenton – He hit .286/.348/.476 in 23 PA’s with a double and his fifth homer.


  1. Santiago Florez, Bradenton – Last week he threw five shutout innings with seven strikeouts and the only runner was a hit batter. This week he went six shutout on two hits and set a career high with ten strikeouts. He has a 1.52 ERA.
  2. Roansy Contreras, Altoona – Ho Hum, he’s good again. Six shutout on four hits, no walks and eight strikeouts. He has a 1.63 ERA in 27.2 innings.
  3. Osvaldo Bido, Altoona – He’s not getting a lot of attention despite a 2.01 ERA, but his start this week will help. He went 5.2 innings with one unearned run on four hits, one walk and eight strikeouts.
  4. Carmen Mlodzinski, Greensboro – He’s been insane this year, allowing just one earned run in four starts. That run didn’t score last week, as he went five shutout innings on four hits, one walk and seven strikeouts.
  5. Logan Hoffman, Bradenton – He went four no-hit/shutout innings, with one walk and four strikeouts.
  6. JC Flowers, Greensboro – In his High-A debut, he tossed four shutout frames on two hits, no walks and four strikeouts.
  7. Cameron Junker, Bradenton – Another four scoreless, he did it with two hits, two walks and five strikeouts.
  8. John O’Reilly, Altoona – A potential non-drafted free agent gem, he went four innings with an unearned run on four hits, one walk and two strikeouts.
  9. Jeffrey Passantino, Altoona – He went 5.1 innings, allowing one earned on four hits, one walk and five strikeouts.
  10. Adrian Florencio, Bradenton – Florencio (pictured) tossed a great game this weekend, with one run on two hits, no walks and eight strikeouts. It was just the second run he has allowed this year. He has an 0.86 ERA.
  11. Noe Toribio, Altoona – Had to go to 11 spots because he had the same ERA as Florencio, except with one unearned run also to his credit. He did it on three hits, three walks and five strikeouts.