First Pitch: Is It Too Early to Talk About the 2022 Draft?

The Pittsburgh Pirates have one of their biggest series of the year this weekend.

Going up against the Colorado Rockies, the Pirates take on one of the teams in competition with them for the number one overall pick in 2022.

Fortunately, the Pirates are actively doing their best in the sweepstakes to land prep outfielder Elijah Green with the first pick next year…

If the Pirates do get the number one overall pick in 2022, it would likely be just as it is this year, with no real consensus top pick before the draft.

There have been three mock drafts recently, and all three had different names. Keith Law had his first mock draft on The Athletic, with the Pirates drafting Louisville catcher Henry Davis.

Law mentions that other picks could include prep shortstops Marcelo Mayer and Jordan Lawlar, or college pitchers Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker. Those seem to be the consensus candidates so far, and Law has them all handicapped as so, with the college pitchers at the end of his list, and Davis at the top.

The interesting aspect here is that Law always seemed very dialed in to what the Pirates were doing in the draft under Neal Huntington. You wonder if the same will be true under Ben Cherington.

I would imagine that it would benefit the Pirates this year to have confusion around the number one pick, and an idea that any one of those players would work at number one. Thus, it’s more likely that they can get the guy they want from the list at a price that can gain them better prospects in the lower rounds.

That’s the general trend with every draft.

A year ago, the Pirates were gunning for the number one pick, and the chance to draft Kumar Rocker.

Now? Rocker is listed as fifth likely by Law, and it’s hard to make an argument that he’s the clear standout of this draft class.

I wonder what we’ll be saying about Elijah Green this time next year?

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