Baseball America’s Latest Mock Draft Has Pirates Taking Jordan Lawlar

Three high school shortstops sit atop the latest mock draft from Baseball America, with the Pirates projected to take Dallas Jesuit High School shortstop Jordan Lawlar.

Lawlar is followed by Marcelo Mayer and Brady House. That is a massive difference from the start of the season, when Kumar Rocker and Jack Leiter were the top guys, and Lawlar was the top prep option.

Baseball America notes that there has been a lot of talk lately of the top three teams being attached to prep shortstops. They also say that the Pirates have a wider net than a team with a number one pick in normal years, adding that Louisville catcher Henry Davis is a possibility.

The fact that the Pirates have so many options to choose from could be advantageous. If there is no stand-out pick, then they could take whoever will take less money, and upgrade their second round pick and beyond, following a trend of a lot of forward-thinking organizations.