First Pitch: Astral Traveling

That’s the type of start from Mitch Keller that gives Pirates fans hope for the future.

Five innings, one run, seven strikeouts, one walk.

Anyone watching Keller throughout the minors was expecting more starts like those in the majors than what we’ve seen so far.

Hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come.

I’ll be breaking down Keller’s first two starts in my Wednesday First Pitch. I did a breakdown on Luis Oviedo last week, and Keller will be in a similar fashion.

My goal with First Pitch this year is a fresh start to allow for a creative ground for new features on the site. Wednesday might end up being the video breakdown day.

The larger goal with First Pitch is to aim for quality over quantity, while still maintaining quantity. In previous years, I would have rushed some sort of analysis on Keller for today or tomorrow. It might not have been bad, but I would have been limiting my chances for making it a good article by rushing to get it out to match everyone else’s instant analysis.

For now, my instant analysis is that this was an encouraging start from Keller, and I know he’s capable of more of this.

Here’s some off-topic stuff for your Sunday, as I get to work on that video breakdown.

Off the Plane

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting read this Sunday, I recommend this article about the CIA’s missing page on their 1983 report on Astral Projection.

The page has been missing from the report for years. Page 24 seemingly ends with a cliffhanger, about to tell how to astral project. The final line of the page reads:

“And, the eternal thought or concept of self which results from this self-consciousness serves the”

And then it’s done.

Page 26 picks up with:

“But the rate of progress is so much faster with The Gateway approach than it is with transcendental meditation or other forms of mental self-discipline and its horizons seem to be so much wider than the discipline needed to practice it would seem to be within the means of even the impatient, result oriented, skeptical pragmatists of our society.”

See you all on the astral plane.

Poem of the Week

I write at least a dozen poems a week. Every Sunday I’ll share my favorite one. The one below was actually written before I read about the astral projection article, although it’s for a poetry project that covers a very similar subject.

The Earth is a sphere with spinning souls inside
Little beams of light, always ready to ride
Rising from the ground under which you reside
Living in the sewers, all bona fide
Now the rain is coming down, they’re rising in the tide
They’ll hunt and capture you in the place you hide your pride
And just before they calm you and tell you they’re dignified
You pull out a gun and blow out their God damn minds
As you’re wading in their blood on your kitchen counter floor
You think about how you should have thought of this some more
See, the only way to defeat these souls is to let them defeat you, too
Like putting a bullet through a mind where one became two
You lay there watching the soul return to the place that he once knew
As you start to slip into the ground, your mortal days are through
Through and through you push right through to place where all once grew
Your mortal body fades, a little beam all that’s left of you
You use your dying light to push through the cracks into
The land beneath the Earth’s crust where all souls go to renew
There, you’ll find yourself a spinning beam of light, too
And you could take a break, but sleeping you eschew
Instead, you use your momentum to push back through
The crust and the dirt and the mud and the rain and then you’re back inside you
But back in the place where you formerly grew
Over the speakers plays a song you used to listen to
And that’s when you knew
You had the ability of time travel inside you
Because you
Are part of us
And we

Song of the Day

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