Pirates Alternate Site Roster

The alternate site roster for the Pittsburgh Pirates was posted on MiLB.com on Friday night. Jason Mackey from the Post-Gazette was the first to posted the rosters on Twitter:

Here are the individual photos:


I don’t expect this to be the definitive list, as there seems to be a few names missing who should be there (Cole Tucker?), but it gives you a general idea of the players there. It’s most of the Spring Training roster players who didn’t make the team, along with shortstop Connor Kaiser and outfielder Chris Sharpe. You’re looking at a lot of the guys who will go to Triple-A once the minor league starts a month from now and the alternate site is expected to break. A total of 31 players are listed, with numerous top 50 prospects.

The alternate site group will be playing at PNC Park when the Pirates are on the road, while splitting their time between Heinz Field and Charles L. Cost Field on the campus of Pitt.