10th Anniversary Prospect Guide Q&A: Ask Your Questions About the Top 50 Pirates Prospects

Last week, we released the 10th Anniversary Prospect Guide. The book is now available in digital form, offered as a “Pay What You Can” format. We know that COVID-19 has left a lot of people hurting, and literally shredding every penny in the budget.

I wish I could say that we were immune to this. If anything, we’re better prepared, as we had our own financial difficulties a few years ago, which you all helped us through with your support. As a way to say thank you, we’re offering the book at whatever price you can afford to pay, even if that is zero dollars.

I’ve made reference to this in the comments, but while writing the book, I had at least 700 article ideas for the site. We’re going to start unrolling some of those articles in the next few weeks. Some of the first topics will be a projection of the affiliate depth charts, roundtable discussions between John Dreker, Wilbur Miller, and myself on the top 50 prospects, and other analysis of the system.

The first book-related article will be a Q&A from you guys on anything in the book. Leave your questions in the comment section below. We’ll start answering them tomorrow morning. If it goes well, we might make it a weekly thing, since I’m sure there will be a lot of questions about a 200-page book with over 250 player reports. Grab your digital copy of the book and join us for the discussions!

I’ll also have a series of columns this week, leading up to the beginning of Spring Training, and we’ll have some season preview type articles.

We’ll have more information on shipping dates for the paperback copy of the book, along with glasses and shirts, when we get specifics from the printers.

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