ESPN Releases Top 10s for 2021

In a now yearly feature, Buster Olney of ESPN has wrapped up his Top 10 rankings by position for 2021. These rankings are “based on input from industry evaluators”, and it’s clear the industry doesn’t hold a very high opinion of the 2021 Pittsburgh Pirates.

Olney covered pitchers—starting and relief—on Tuesday, infielders on Wednesday, and outfielders today (subscription required). The only player to receive absolutely any recognition was Adam Frazier, who fell in the “Best of the rest” category at second base. Frazier was among five names, so it stands to reason he falls somewhere in the Top-15 of second basemen in the league.

If the anticipated offseason trade of Frazier comes to fruition, the Pirates will likely enter the season with zero representation, as they surely aren’t signing any of the free agents in the rankings. Former first basemen Josh Bell was also listed, being named in the best of the rest at first base.

Team rankings come out tomorrow, but it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing the Pirates listed anywhere there.