After the 2020 draft, the Draft Pick Signing Tracker will be keeping track of all of the draft pick signings over the summer, leading up to the August 1st deadline at 5:00 PM EST.

Draft Recaps

Pirates Draft Nick Gonzales seventh overall

Pirates Draft Carmen Mlodzinski 31st overall

Pirates Draft Jared Jones 44th overall

Pirates Draft Nick Garcia in third round

Pirates Draft Jack Hartman in fourth round

Pirates Draft Logan Hofmann in the fifth round

Draft Pick Signings

6/24: Nick Gonzales

6/27: Logan Hofmann

6/29: Jack Hartman

7/2: Jared Jones, Carmen Mlodzinski, Nick Garcia


2020 Pittsburgh Pirates Draft Pick Signing Tracker

Round Pick Player Pos. Level School Commitment Signed? Slot Est. Bonus
1 7 Nick Gonzales SS College New Mexico State YES $5,432,400 $5,432,400
A 31 Carmen Mlodzinski RHP College South Carolina YES $2,312,000 $2,050,000
2 44 Jared Jones RHP Prep La Miranda HS Texas YES $1,689,500 $2,200,000
3 79 Nick Garcia RHP College Chapman University YES $780,400 $1,200,000
4 108 Jack Hartman RHP College SR Appalachian State YES $538,200 $60,000
5 138 Logan Hofmann RHP College Northwestern YES $402,000 $125,000
Number of Players Signed 6
Total Estimated Bonuses Paid $11,067,400
Draft Bonus Pool Remaining ($11,154,500 Pool) $87,100
Money Available For Over-Slot Deals $87,100
Current Penalty For Going Over-Slot $0
Money Available For Over-Slot Deals W/O Losing Draft Pick (Up to 5.0% Over Draft Pool) $644,825