Pirates Receive First Pick in Competitive Balance Round B for 2021 Draft

The draft order for the competitive balance rounds of the 2021 draft was set on Tuesday and the Pittsburgh Pirates received their best possible pick. After getting an extra pick after the first round in 2020, the Pirates were guaranteed to get a pick after the second round in 2021. However, the order is decided by a lottery system, so they could have received any one of eight picks from 65th to 72nd overall in the draft. Their current pick is the 65th overall pick in the draft, though that order could change slightly based on free agent signings for players who rejected qualifying offers. As of right now, the Pirates would also have the first overall pick (that won’t change), the 36th pick and the 73rd pick in 2021. The amount of rounds hasn’t been decided yet for the 2021 draft, which will take place in July during the All-Star break. Regardless of the length, the Pirates will have the largest bonus pool available.