First Pitch: MLB Teams Crying Poor As the Offseason Turns to December

The calendar is about to turn to December, and based on everything we’ve seen this year, we can all be thankful that the year 2020 has only one month remaining.

Unfortunately, based on everything we’ve seen this year, the month of December might last the emotional equivalent of three years.

In the baseball world, the offseason really kicks off when the calendar turns to December. And yet, it might not really kick off when the winter meetings come around in mid-December, as MLB teams are already crying poor after the pandemic shortened season. The Phillies are already claiming ridiculous, and unsubstantiated loss totals, first claiming to lose $2 billion dollars, and then dropping that a bit to just under $200 million dollars, still with no proof.

I get it. This is a tough year. I, myself, have lost several hundred million dollars this year on Pittsburgh Baseball Network. You can just trust that claim as the only reason why we will not be signing J.T. Realmuto to be our new Pirates beat writer.

At the same time, an MLB team openly talking about losses, and comically inflating them, is not a good sign for an active market.

That might benefit the Pirates in the long-run. They weren’t expected to be active regardless, but if the big market teams are crying poor, it might drop the prices of good players to the range that the Pirates typically operate inside. They tend to have their best free agent years when the rest of the league backs off, such as 2003 with Reggie Sanders/Kenny Lofton/Jeff Suppan, and then in 2013 with Russell Martin/Francisco Liriano/Jeff Karstens.

Will 2021 be another year where the Pirates can benefit from the large markets taking a financially conservative approach? Or is that something which only happens every ten years?

Here’s a look at what you can expect on the site this week:

**Wednesday is the deadline for teams to tender offers to all arbitration eligible players. The Pirates started the offseason with 19 arbitration eligible guys. They’ve already shortened that list, with guys like Trevor Williams, Jose Osuna, and others now removed from the organization.

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