Pittsburgh Baseball Network Black Friday Deals

Do you remember the feeling of opening a pack of baseball cards?

Maybe you still collect and still know that feeling.

There’s nothing but possibility as you open that pack. You know how many cards are inside, and your hopes are on landing just the right cards.

Your favorite player.

Players from your favorite team.

Awesome insert cards.

This year for Black Friday, we’re going to try to create that feeling for Pirates fans with PBN Card Packs.

Each pack will have 10 random Pirates cards. Every pack is different, but each pack will include seven prospect cards, two MLB cards, and at least one rare card.

The rare cards are made up of Bowman Chrome, insert cards, and rare rookie cards. That includes a small amount of Jameson Taillon Bowman rookie cards, along with special cards for Mitch Keller and Ke’Bryan Hayes. We’ll have more details on the rare cards, and your chances of getting one, on Friday.

The packs will be $10 + shipping, and will be great stocking stuffers for the holiday season for those Pirates fans in your life. We’ll have a few hundred packs available on a first come, first serve basis, with limits on how many each individual can purchase.

Check back Friday for full details on the PBN Card Packs, and tomorrow for the rest of the information on the PBN Black Friday Sale.

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