Don Kelly Interviews for Two Open Managerial Positions

Pittsburgh Pirates bench coach Don Kelly has interviewed for two open managerial positions according to Jon Heyman. We already heard about his interview for the Detroit Tigers spot last week. Today we hear that he also interviewed with the Boston Red Sox. There have been reports that the Pirates planned on bringing back their entire coaching staff for 2021, but that could change this off-season with Kelly appearing to be in high demand. He has a strong tie to Detroit, playing there for six seasons in the majors and scouting there for two years after retiring as a player. He debuted in the majors with the Pirates, but Kelly was drafted by the Tigers.

Gage Hinsz Sighting

As a side note that wasn’t worth an individual article, there has been a Gage Hinsz sighting from earlier this month. This video is for the catcher, but Hinsz is the pitcher and he apparently hit 92 MPH with one pitch. He has thrown harder, but who knows how much effort was actually put into this bullpen. He’s the toughest player to find information about for some unknown reason. Hinsz will become a minor league free agent this off-season unless he signs (has signed?) with the Pirates before next month.