Sunday Discussion Thread: Draft, World Series, Instructs, Etc

Sunday’s are almost always slow here, especially over the off-season, so we took a very short break from the First Pitch articles. Yesterday we had a feature on outfield prospect Jack Herman. Yesterday was also the final day for Wilbur Miller’s 1979 season recap. You can find that entire series here, which started back on April 3rd. Today’s history article cover This Date and a new Pittsburgh Pirates Seasons article, covering Bill Salkeld’s hidden gem of a rookie season in 1945.

Here are some random notes that you might want to discuss today in the comments section below.

** Aaron Fitt from D1 Baseball watched Jack Leiter pitch and he shares some details. Spoiler alert, he was impressed.

** Kumar Rocker pitched on Friday (Vandy’s Black & Gold series) and the only comment I was able to find about the game was the purposely understated “he is good” from Vanderbilt writer Robbie Weinstein.

** The Pirates Instructional League team won 2-1 in Detroit (Lakeland) on Friday, however it was a tough day for the hitters. They picked up a total of five hits and piled up 14 strikeouts. I’ve only seen reports from people there for the Tigers, so no real details other that Detroit’s farm system has some flamethrowers and they missed a lot of bats.

** The Tampa Bay Rays won last night, advancing to the World Series. Tonight we find out whether they will be playing the Los Angeles Dodgers or Atlanta Braves when the Fall Classic starts on Tuesday night.

Anything important comes up today we will post an article.