First Pitch: New Commenting System

We’ve got a new commenting system on the site today.

I’ve been trying to move away from Disqus since the launch of this site, while trying to maintain some of the best features that Disqus had to offer. Disqus was getting too problematic, randomly deleting posts, creating log-in issues, and then imposing their own advertisements in the comment section.

The new commenting system, Hyvor Talk, feels very similar to Disqus, only without the problems. It’s got a feature to live update the comments, along with many other popular features. A few of note:

**You can still embed emojis, images, GIFs, Youtube and Twitter links, and pretty much anything else as before.

**New comments are now highlighted in green when you come back and visit a page, making it easier to see what you’ve missed.

**There is keyboard navigation! The guide (which I’ll be posting below the comment section today):

C – Next Comment

X – Previous Comment

Z – Next Unread Comment

R – Reply to the Focused Comment

U – Upvote the Focused Comment

I – Downvote the Focused Comment

N – Write New Comment

ESC – Unfocus Comment

**There’s a notification bell at the top of the comments when you get a new response. There’s also a pop up notification system that shows up in real time.

Right now you have to sign up for a Hyvor account to comment. We’re moving toward making it so that your site account covers the comments as well. Before that move, we wanted to test out Hyvor’s functionality. I’m pretty excited by everything this system has to offer, and I think it’s going to be a permanent solution that upgrades one of the most important areas of this network.

Let me know your thoughts on the new commenting system below, in the new commenting system!

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First Pitch