First Pitch: Ke’Bryan Hayes is Here to Stay

Ke’Bryan Hayes is off to an amazing start in his career. He’s hitting for a .357/.419/.643 line in his first 31 plate appearances, while adding his first stolen base in last night’s game.

Eight games doesn’t make a career. If it did, then Gregory Polanco would be a starter for the rest of his life. I’m not going to break down the offense from Hayes because:

1. It’s very unlikely that anyone would be expected to continue at this type of production pace.

2. It’s eight games.

That said, I think the Pirates can scratch third base off as far as the positions where they need to upgrade. Hayes is their guy going forward, and it has nothing to do with the offense. It has everything to do with plays like this:

Hayes is and always has been an elite defender. That’s not news to anyone reading this site, as we’ve talked about how his defense alone will help him to be an average starter in the majors.

But there’s a difference between scouting reports and reading about defense versus seeing it live in action.

I don’t want to go back and read old Prospect Guides.

I want to watch that play on loop.

Today’s discussion question: How excited are you about Ke’Bryan Hayes?

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First Pitch