First Pitch: What is Your Favorite Live Baseball Memory?

“I was there.”

At least that’s what my shirt says.

A sold out stadium. More people than you’ve ever seen in one place in your life.

A buzz in the air. An intangible energy that reaches down and lifts you up from any depths on this planet.

The roar of the crowd. The flash of the cameras. The thundering boom when that ball disappears over the left field wall, almost as if this moment was perfectly scripted for a movie.

The realization that you’re witnessing something special, which is rare to realize in the moment. The energy you feel on the car ride home. The memories you experience when you see the replay of the video, and those memories don’t fade over time.

Watching your favorite player on your favorite team accomplish something that will go down in the history books for the rest of your life.

A simple reminder of why you love this sport, with a realization that it might never be this good again.

A confirmation that the money spent on the tickets was well worth it, as it provided something that is more valuable than any green piece of paper, or any number on a spreadsheet: Memories.

Today’s discussion question: What is your favorite live baseball memory?

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First Pitch