First Pitch: No Trades, But, Ke’Bryan Hayes

The Pirates didn’t make a trade at the deadline. They are bringing up Ke’Bryan Hayes, which seems like a nice condolence prize.

Elsewhere around the league, Starling Marte was traded by the Diamondbacks to the Marlins. I’ll have something about that trade over at Pirates Prospects this morning.

The problem with analyzing a trade deadline is that you have little clue why a team made a trade or didn’t make a trade. We can say that the Pirates should have made a trade, but there’s the possibility that they just couldn’t make a trade.

So rather than asking whether you think the Pirates should have made a trade, my discussion question for today is this: How do you feel about this team’s future after no trades, but with the reminder that Ke’Bryan Hayes is still a key part of the future?

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First Pitch