First Pitch: MLB Trade Deadline Open Discussion

The MLB trade deadline is at 4 PM EST today. The Pittsburgh Pirates are expected to be active sellers, although it’s not exactly clear how many players they could actually move. It’s also not clear what kind of value they’ll expect to receive.

I’d expect today to be busy, and I think it’s going to be one of the most interesting trade deadlines we’ve followed on this site. Feel free to discuss things in the comments below, and we’ll have any updates posted on the site as they come up throughout the day.

Here’s the first one from this morning. A little later, especially if more rumors come in, we will start a new article for them

A few updates:

**I’m working on updating the comment section. That won’t come today, but will come this week. Hopefully this will be the final switch, and everyone will be able to log in with their site account.

**I’ve got another article coming out at Pirates Prospects this week. The last one was 5,000 words. I’m not sure if this one will be that long, but I am focused more on story telling with those articles, rather than just pounding out 800-1000 words to meet some daily article quota. We might have some additional content with the trades this week, assuming prospects are brought in to the organization.

**Expect some updates on the 2020 Prospect Guide this week, over at Pirates Prospects. Today is the cutoff to make the book. Any player in the system tomorrow morning will be included in the final edition, which will take about a week of final formatting before being released/sent out to the publisher. We’ll have some sneak previews of the inside along the way.

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First Pitch