First Pitch: Pirates Prospects Joins Pittsburgh Baseball Network

Yesterday we launched Pirates Prospects as part of Pittsburgh Baseball Network.

It probably seems like that should have been the first addition, since it was the original site that led to this network of sites.

The original plan was to re-open Pirates Prospects in 2021, when there was actual minor league baseball to cover. My aim is to push the new site into the future, incorporating more stats, video breakdowns, and looks at new trends in development across baseball.

The site will eventually include a lot of upgrades over the old site. That will still come in 2021. But we felt like we could launch now without that, especially with the full edition of the 2020 Prospect Guide coming out soon.

That book will be released in full after the trade deadline, with our final top 50 prospect list, along with information on every player in the system.

We’ve been doing the book as an eBook only the last few years. This year we’re looking at the possibility of a limited run of actual books. We’ll have more information on that later this week.

For now, check out the new Pirates Prospects, including my 5,000 word debut article for my new series “Baseball Theory.” Then, check out the five other articles we had across the network yesterday.


First Pitch