First Pitch: Trevor Williams and Chad Kuhl Lead Today’s Trade Rumors

The MLB trade deadline is less than a week away, and the Pirates are obviously on the seller side of things. The question is whether they have any pieces to sell.

Jon Morosi says that the Blue Jays are looking at starting pitchers, including Trevor Williams and Chad Kuhl.

I’m not sure what type of trade value the Pirates would get from these guys. I’m not sure what type of trade value the Pirates could get for any of their players.

This is a weird season. So many teams are technically in the race, and yet injuries and unexpected poor performance is rampant among the game. Will that raise the value of younger guys with years of control? Will it raise the value of anyone who is healthy with some sort of track record of success? Or will teams avoid spending anything on this type of season.

We’ll get our answers in the next week, but for now, it looks like we’ll at least have some trade rumors to follow.



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