First Pitch: It’s Prospect Week at Pittsburgh Baseball Network

We’ve got a lot of additions coming to the site this week, including the biggest one making a return:

That portion of the site will launch tomorrow, along with an explanation of what is new with the new site.

The short summary: With all of the non-prospect writing now taking place on No Quarter and Pittsburgh Baseball History, we’re able to get creative with the actual prospect coverage.

My goal is to give you something that no one else is providing, which has been the goal since day one at Pirates Prospects. I also feel that, after spending every waking moment around baseball development for the last decade, I’ve got some unique views on development to share. I’ve held back those views for a more generic prospect site. The shackles are now removed.


The return of Pirates Prospects will also be followed by the final release of the 2020 Prospect Guide.

It has been a strange year putting a Prospect Guide together, with Spring Training getting cut short (typically that’s when we get the best feel for players entering the upcoming season), along with the unusual season that we’ve seen so far. We’ve seen a lot of prospects in the majors already this year, albeit in unconventional and unexpected circumstances. The 2020 Guide will try to give a normal outlook of what to expect from these guys in a non-COVID season, and what to expect in the future.

We’ll be releasing the updated 10th anniversary edition cover this week, ahead of the final book release.

Maybe we can also celebrate prospect week with a few key call-ups as well…


First Pitch