First Pitch: Who Was Your Favorite Prospect to Follow Over the Last Decade?

I was hoping to have an announcement today about a big site update, however, migraines happen and schedules change. I’ll be working on site updates the next three days, and hope to have that update for you on Monday or Tuesday. There’s a hint somewhere in this update about that update.

Below the updates you will find our daily discussion topic, and all of the fun stuff to distract you from work today.

What’s on the list:

**USER ACCOUNTS: There are still some people with accounts that haven’t been set up properly, or where people can’t access their accounts. I’m hoping to get through the next batch this weekend, so expect more people showing up.

**COMMENTS: If you were here the first week, you’ll know that Disqus was not the first choice for the commenting system. I was looking for an upgrade, but couldn’t find one with all of the key features we needed. The problem is that Disqus hasn’t been set up to run with your PBN site account. I’m waiting on Disqus on this one. I know there are some people who can read articles, but can’t comment yet. Wilbur Miller and John Dreker were in the same situation on day one. The commenting software is good, but there’s a reason we were trying to move away from Disqus. I’ll be working on my end to see what can be done about making it easier for people to sign in, until the point when you can sign in with one account across this entire site.

**PROFILES: The profiles are more of a long-term project that will link everything. Those can’t be linked until everything else is set up (commenting system, making sure all of the subscriptions are working properly, etc.) Right now they’re just for display, and won’t show your accurate information.

**OTHER ISSUES: If you’ve noticed any other issues I’ve missed, please leave them in the comments. I probably won’t get to it this weekend, but at least I can throw it on the list.

**DAILY DISCUSSION: Who was your favorite Prospect to follow over the last decade? They can still be a prospect ranked in the system now. Discuss in the comments! I mean, if Disqus allows.


First Pitch