First Pitch: The New First Pitch

The Pirates are off again today, their deal with Henderson Alvarez “did not materialize,” and hopefully they’ll be able to resume their schedule tomorrow against the Cleveland Indians.

First Pitch is cleaned up a bit with the new format for the article. This article has gone through many different formats since 2011. With so many daily articles on the site (there were six articles and updates posted yesterday, not counting First Pitch, and that was without any baseball), the new format is focused on the following:

**An easy roundup of the daily links from the previous day, in case you missed any.

**An area to provide site updates.

**A comment section for open discussion on any topics. It doesn’t even have to be baseball.

**Some music, videos, memes, and other things to get your day started.

We might also have an actual article up here from time to time, depending on whether I’ve got the time or energy to throw something together. Right now all of my time and energy is being spent running the site, and creating my side project, which will be launching soon and will factor into Pittsburgh Baseball Network’s expansion.

This week I’m wrapping up a big project for the site, and I hope at some point this week to have some kind of guide as to what you can expect for the future.

First Pitch