Updated Top 100 Prospects List from MLB Pipeline

MLB Pipeline has updated their top 100 prospects list to include draft picks. The Pittsburgh Pirates have three players on the updated list, including a new top prospect for them.

Prior to the season, Pipeline had three Pirates on their top 100 list:

39. Mitch Keller

41. Ke’Bryan Hayes

64. Oneil Cruz

The Pirates still have three players on the list, though it’s not the same exact group. Mitch Keller had 48 innings pitched coming into the season. To be on prospect lists, one of the qualifications is that you must have no more than 50 innings pitched. So once Keller recorded his first out of the third inning during his season debut, he was no longer considered a prospect. He was dropped from the list and Ke’Bryan Hayes became the Pirates top prospect. That was until the updated list, which now shows the following rankings:

41. Nick Gonzales

46. Ke’Bryan Hayes

72. Oneil Cruz

Pipeline noted that they didn’t re-rank any existing prospects, they only added draft picks. So when you see Hayes and Cruz dropping in the rankings, realize that it’s only draft picks being inserted ahead of them. Mitch Keller is the only top 100 prospect in baseball who lost his prospect status so far this year. With 13 draft picks entering the list, that means that 12 players who were previously on the list have dropped off and no one moved up from the original list.

Gonzales was also rated as the top prospect for the Pirates by Baseball America last week.