OOTP: Pirates Open a Series Against the Cardinals

The following is part of our simulation of the 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates season, using Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP). We simulate the season each day, as it was originally scheduled, and with no input from any of us, all to give you a Pirates team to follow this year. You can follow the simulation by inning and make it seem like a game, or you can skip to the end and find out what happens.

The Pirates open a series against the Cardinals, with Chris Stratton taking his hot streak into the weekend series.


1st Inning

Dyson grounds out to third. Frazier draws a walk. Bell flies out to center. Reynolds triples on a line drive to right-center, scoring Frazier. Newman strikes out.

Wong walks. Carpenter strikes out, and Wong steals second on the third strike. Goldschmidt walks on four pitches. Brad Miller walks. DeJong strikes out. Bader flies out to center.

Pirates 1, Cardinals 0

2nd Inning

Hayes singles to third. Heredia grounds into a 5-4-3 double play. Stallings strikes out.

Pillar singles on a line drive to left. Mikolas grounds into a 1-6-3 double play. Molina singles to left, and moves to second on an error by Reynolds. Wong flies out to center.

Pirates 1, Cardinals 0

3rd Inning

Stratton singles past the shortstop. Dyson grounds into a 6-4 fielder’s choice. Frazier flies out to center. A wild pitch moves Dyson to second. Bell grounds out to first.

Carpenter grounds out to second. Goldschmidt grounds out to third. Miller strikes out.

Pirates 1, Cardinals 0

4th Inning

Reynolds flies out to right. Newman grounds out back to the mound. Hayes grounds out to short.

DeJong flies out to left. Bader strikes out. Pillar hits a solo homer. Mikolas strikes out.

Pirates 1, Cardinals 1

5th Inning

Heredia grounds out back to the mound. Stallings flies out to left. Stratton singles to center. Dyson strikes out.

Molina pops out to short. Wong flies out to right. Carpenter walks. Goldschmidt singles to center, with Carpenter moving to third. Miller hits a three run homer to right. DeJong follows with a solo homer to left. Blake Weiman comes on in relief of Stratton. Bader strikes out.

Cardinals 5, Pirates 1

6th Inning

Frazier singles to right-center. Bell pops out to third. Reynolds flies out to right. Newman flies out to right.

Pillar grounds out to first. Mikolas strikes out. Molina grounds out to short.

Cardinals 5, Pirates 1

7th Inning

Hayes grounds out to second. Heredia grounds out to short. Stallings grounds out to short.

Wong strikes out. Carpenter flies out to right. Goldschmidt singles to center. Miller pops out to third.

Cardinals 5, Pirates 1

8th Inning

Christian Walker enters as a pinch hitter and doubles to right. Andrew Miller comes in to relieve Mikolas. A wild pitch moves Walker to third. Dyson strikes out. Frazier grounds out to second, scoring Walker. Bell walks on four pitches. Kodi Whitley comes on in relief. Reynolds grounds into a 6-4 fielder’s choice.

Dovydas Neverauskas enters in relief for the Pirates. DeJong strikes out. Bader singles to center. Pillar strikes out. Dexter Fowler enters as a pinch hitter and walks. Molina grounds into a 6-4 fielder’s choice.

Cardinals 5, Pirates 2

9th Inning

Giovanny Gallegos enters to close it out for the Cardinals. Newman singles through the left side of the infield. Hayes singles through the right side, moving Newman to second. Polanco enters as a pinch hitter and singles to right, loading the bases. John Gant comes on in relief. Jacob Stallings takes the first pitch for a double on a line drive over the third baseman’s head, scoring Newman and Hayes. Polanco rounded third and tried for home, and was safe, scoring the tying run. Jason Martin enters as a pinch hitter and strikes out. Dyson strikes out.

Michael Feliz enters to pitch for the Pirates in the ninth. Wong grounds out to second. Carpenter flies out to center. Goldschmidt walks. Brad Miller hits a double to right-center. Goldschmidt tries for home and beats the relay from Frazier, scoring the winning run.






Probable Starters

Saturday, 2:15 PM EST: Joe Musgrove (1-6, 3.21) vs Jack Flaherty (3-4, 3.18)

Sunday, 2:15 PM EST: Mitch Keller (3-4, 5.13) vs Carlos Martinez (4-3, 4.45)

Monday: OFF

Tuesday, 7:05 PM EST: Trevor Bauer (4-5, 3.74) vs Chris Archer (6-3, 2.83)

Wednesday, 7:05 PM EST: Anthony DeSclafani (2-5, 7.45) vs Trevor Williams (3-3, 3.59)