• All salaries in bold are official.
  • All ages are as of the start of the 2014 Pittsburgh Pirates season.
  • Players in the minor leagues make $40,750 in their first year on the 40-man roster, $81,500 in their second year, and $122,250 in their third year. Any player with major league service time makes at least $81,500, regardless of how many years of service.
  • AST stands for Approximate Service Time. It is calculated as years.days, which means one year and 32 days would look like: 1.032. A year of service time is 172 days.
  • These figures don’t include potential performance bonuses. Performance bonuses, when achieved, will be added in the “Other Expenses” section.
  • This chart only includes players currently on the 40-man roster. It doesn’t include potential free agent signings, even players rumored to be added. Players are only officially added when they’re acquired by the team. Non-roster invitees who are projected to make the opening day roster are included in the “Other Expenses” section, and are only reflected in the “Estimated 2013 Payroll” figure. Since their additions would mean the removal of league minimum salaries, there is a section in the “2013 Credits” which removes the respective league minimum figures.
  • Some players are projected to be removed from the 40-man roster. There might be other players who could be removed from the 40-man roster in one form or another, but these were my current projections. In some of the above cases, the players could be removed by a form other than a non-tender, such as a trade.